Help Nepal Earthquake Relief

Our hearts go out to our friend and partners in Nepal. We are hoping for their safety and recovery from the devastating Earthquake. Here is a link for anyone who wants to help:

About Lama Dorje

I have the unique experience of having avoided most traditional education to get my training as an apprentice of a master philosopher named Dr. Thomas Hickey at Maharishi International University. After 14 years of a Meditative and Philosophical lifestyle I had a great desire to see how the other half lives. I had to pursue Self Employment, since most Philosophers end up as Enlightened janitors. After my humble beginnings as a coal miner, I have stumbled through about dozen careers with greater or lesser degrees of enjoyment and success. My last incarnation has been as THE HIMALAYAN TRADERS, a profession that I have stuck with for over 15 years as it is the most fun thing I can come up with. Travel was my employment goal and I have traversed this vast planet more time then I can remember. I support my travel by importing from Asia, South America, and Europe. So far, I managed to avoid getting a real job. To me, work and life should ideally be a seamless lifestyle that you enjoy. It may still be hard work, but if your passion is there then it can be quite satisfying. Above work I feel being a conscious person and supporting Global Evolution is integral to any endeavor. I keep this mantra above all: Stay as Aware as possible in every moment and aspire toward the best you can.