Incoming Cargo of Dharma Supplies

After a long wait, goods are now flowing from Nepal. We have been low or out of many of the Tibetan Dharma Supplies, but this week we are receiving our first shipment from Nepal since the earthquake. Our friends and partners in Nepal report that things are getting back to normal. Yea!

About Lama Dorje

I have the unique experience of having avoided most traditional education to get my training as an apprentice of a master philosopher named Dr. Thomas Hickey at Maharishi International University. After 14 years of a Meditative and Philosophical lifestyle I had a great desire to see how the other half lives. I had to pursue Self Employment, since most Philosophers end up as Enlightened janitors. After my humble beginnings as a coal miner, I have stumbled through about dozen careers with greater or lesser degrees of enjoyment and success. My last incarnation has been as THE HIMALAYAN TRADERS, a profession that I have stuck with for over 15 years as it is the most fun thing I can come up with. Travel was my employment goal and I have traversed this vast planet more time then I can remember. I support my travel by importing from Asia, South America, and Europe. So far, I managed to avoid getting a real job. To me, work and life should ideally be a seamless lifestyle that you enjoy. It may still be hard work, but if your passion is there then it can be quite satisfying. Above work I feel being a conscious person and supporting Global Evolution is integral to any endeavor. I keep this mantra above all: Stay as Aware as possible in every moment and aspire toward the best you can.