Five Scent Tibetan Pure Herbal Incense 8 Inch Box


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With Pancha Buddha Tibetan Incense you have five different flavors for rituals honoring the five Dyani Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism. Each of the flavors is very distinctive and has a wonderful original enticing scent. You will love them! Net wt 28gr with 25 sticks.

In Tibetan Buddhism there is a shamanistic aspect represented in the five Dyani Buddhas. The Buddhas represents each of the four and then one is transcendent of them all. They each have a different color and different qualities. Use Pancha Buddha Incense to meet them all! Package size 8″ X 1 1/8″ X 1 1/8″. Tibetan Incense is all herbal. There are not artificial perfumes or chemicals. There are no sticks even, only herbs. To burn use a vessel with sand or buy a nice Tibetan Burner with larger holes. Enjoy the best Healing Incense!

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