Sri Ganesh Tibetan Pure Herbal Incense 8 Inch Box


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Sri Ganesh Incense is for rituals to Ganesh the elephant Deity in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. It is a wonderful. flavorful aromatic scent that enlivens an environment with it’s spicy delight. It is truely invigoration and delightful. Net wt. 39 gr. with 25 sticks.

Sri Ganesh Tibetan Incense was created to invoke the energies of Ganesh. Ganesh is a most loved deity of the Hindu Pantheon of Gods. He is the son of Shiva, the head guy. I am particularly fond of him because he is considered the ‘protector of travelers’ and I travel often. He is also known as the student ‘God of wisdom’ and the ‘bringer of good husbands’. Lastly, he is renowned as the ‘remover of obstacles’. His belly is round to show he enjoys the good things in life. He is happy-go-lucky and easy to approach as Deities go. Package size 8″ X 1 1/8″ X 1 1/8″. Tibetan Incense is all herbal. There are not artificial perfumes or chemicals. There are no sticks even, only herbs. To burn, use a vessel with sand or buy a nice Tibetan Burner with larger holes. Enjoy the best Healing Incense!

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