Healing Sound 8.25″ Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl #02460


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There is something special about this Singing Bowl. It has a rich gentle healing resonance. It is also a rare hand pounded Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl with sound qualities good for Meditation. We have been offering Singing Bowls for over 30 years and use them for Meditation on Sound. I have played this one and guarantee it to be of the highest quality and beauty. I cannot express enough just how wonderful the sound is from this Singing Bowl! The Singing Bowl comes with a special suede wrapped playing mallet. The hardwood Playing Mallet is suede wrapped for deep resonance while playing around the rim. Bowl measures almost 8.25″ across and about 4″ tall. Comes with beautiful cushion to set your bowl on. Weight is a little over 2 pounds. This Singing Bowl is of an older style, the likes of which we cannot buy anymore. As such, it uses superior metals and is handpounded. Not mass produced. We have found that the older bowls are much more powerful and soulful. Enjoy transformation meditative healing sound with this bowl!

The secret science of Tibetan Bowls is still a mystery to the West since the Tibetan monks aren’t talking about it to the uninitiated. The Singing Bowl Book by Eva Rudy-Jansen, however, explains a lot of the lore that is available about them. A special type of alchemical metallurgy is used that combines various metals, apparently having to do with the energies of different planets. According to tradition, the bowls are made of seven metals each corresponding to the following planets: Sun – gold, Moon – silver, Mercury – mercury, Venus – copper, Mars – iron, Jupiter – tin, and Saturn – lead.p There are a lot of Singing Bowls on ebay and we understand how hard it is to choose. Our guarantee is that this will be an outstanding and exceptionally good sounding Singing Bowl. It was carefully chosen and played by me for you. I want these beautiful Singing Bowls to go to the right people who will benefit all sentient beings with their vibration.

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