LARGE Tibetan PADMASAMBHAVA Deity Ghau Prayer Box Shrine w/ Cloth Case #R108


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Tibetan PADMASAMBHAVA Gau Ghau Silver Prayer Box Shrine

Here we are offering a TIBETAN PADMASAMBHAVA Ghau. A Ghau Prayer Box, is a case (5.5″wide X 6.5″tall X 2″deep) that Tibetans carry as a portable shrine. Protected by silk/cotton cloth cover with carrying strap about 40 inch long. Padmasambhava or Lotus Born is also known as Guru Rinpoche. He is the Enlightened bringer of Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th Century and also known as a powerful Deity among the Bonpo Shamans.

This portable shrine known as Gau or Ghau is a traditional Sacred Dharma Object in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. One may place the personal Deity of choice in the center and it opens in back for other Sacred object to be held. Closes with Brass Lotus Button. Age unknown. Origin: Tibet. Iconology on the front top/sides are the EIGHT AUSPICIOUS SYMBOLS of Tibetan Buddhism and on the bottom is MAHAKALA protection wrathful Deity. Material: Silver front with Copper back. Condition is very good. Truly a rare find at a reasonable price. Namaste!

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