Tibetan Dr. Yonten’s Pure Herbal Healing Incense 6 Inch Box


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Here we are offering the highest quality authentic Tibetan Incense made in Nepal from Himalayan herbs. Healing Tibetan Incense is formulated by a Tibetan doctor named Pasang Yonten Arya. Dr. Arya discovered the formula in the ancient scriptures of Tibetan Medicine. This is our most popular incense made of 31 all natural herbs found in the high Himalayan mountains.

Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya was born in the Kyidong district in Tibet in 1955 and escaped to Nepal in 1965. He studied at the Tibetan Medical Institute in Dharmsala, India and later became a professor of Tibetan Medicine. In 1982, he discovered the formula for Healing incense and started producing it for home use. Net weight 24gr. 20 sticks Package size 6″ X 1″ X 1″. Tibetan Incense is all herbal. There are not artificial perfumes or chemicals. There are no sticks even, only herbs. To burn, use a vessel with sand or buy a nice Tibetan Burner with larger holes. Enjoy the best Healing Incense!

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