Who We Are, What We Do, & Why We Do It

The Himalayan Traders is from the ‘Small Is Beautiful’ lifestyle philosophy. In Buddhist thought, Right Livelihood is considered essential for the layman’s spiritual path. As a Buddhist layperson, I have tried to embody this ideal through The Himalayan Traders. Read more about Buddhism here.

Most of our goods come from the Royal Kingdom of Nepal. In ancient times, large parts of Nepal were Tibetan territories, so the cultures are blended quite a lot. The mountain people are generally Buddhist while the people of Kathmandu valley are a mix of Buddhist & Hindu. In 1959, and thereafter many Tibetan refugees came to Nepal to escape the invasion of Tibet by China. The Tibetan refugees have worked hard and created new homes and businesses in Nepal. We buy directly from these Tibetan people and the various other ethnic peoples of Nepal. Most of our suppliers are small family businesses and craftsmen. There are no child laborers and the prices paid for goods provide a comfortable livelihood for these people.

Nepal is the fourth poorest country in the world and yet they have one of the highest qualities of spirituality and kindness that I have ever experienced. They need and appreciate trading with the USA and take a lot of pride in their work. If you want to see where everything comes from and some of my experiences in Nepal, then please visit to our Photo Gallery.

One of the Buddhist beliefs that I adhere to is that we are all evolving together and everything is interconnected. For this reason, it is good to share some of the responsibility for helping society. In an effort to give some support for Buddhist study, we are sending 10% of our profits to support Tibetan people and Relief Projects of compassion.

Thanks for your interest & support of The Himalayan Traders. We hope you enjoy our offering of Tibetan Sacred & Ritual objects.

Best wishes. Lama Dorje (aka Quentin Wood)

For Nice People Contact: The Himalayan Traders, 2751 Rochele St., Santa Rosa, CA. 95403 USA Ph: 707.347.9642 or Email Us

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