Tibetan Incense

All Natural Handmade Tibetan Incense

Ancient traditions of Tibetan Incense making are still alive in many parts of the world. For Tibetan people, there are many insights into life that have such strength that they have been maintained for a over a thousand years.
The Tibetan Incense that we offer is made in the traditional formulas from Himalayan mountain herbs and plants found to be beneficial for health and well being. It is distinctly different from incense made with oils or chemicals. There are no artificial ingredients or chemicals. It is all natural. Many of these Tibetan Incense formulas, such as the Healing Incense were found in the original records of Tibetan medicine. Dr. Prasang Yonten discovered this formula in the ancient Tibetan text while working and teaching in The Tibetan Medical Institute of Dharamsala. He brought to life these formulas in accordance with the holistic traditions of Tibet. Our Healing Incense is now the most popular Tibetan Incense blend in the world!

Tibetan Incense is earthy, not sweet. Japanese and Indian incense are made from oils and sometimes chemicals which are uncomfortable for sensitive people. Our Tibetan Incense is the totally natural herbal aroma of Tibet. The scents are chosen to enliven the atmosphere and create a space for meditation and prayer. It is the authentic experience of Tibetan culture and wisdom in an aromatic scent of Tibetan Incense.

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