Large 10″ Tibetan Buddhist Brass Vajra Dorje Sacred Dharma Item


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The Dorje (Vajra in Tibetan) is describe as the Thunderbolt or Diamond used to cut through ignorance. It also represents invincibility. The Vajra is the symbol of Indra, theHindu, King of the Gods and wielder of the thunderbolt. In tantric rituals it symbolizes the male principal. It is held in the right hand for rituals. The Vajra or Dorje represents “Upaya” or method to Enlightenment.

There are many layers of meaning & symbology represented in the vajra. Details can be found in “The Singing Bowl Book” by Eva Rudy-Jensen. This is a powerful ritualistic tool for the Tibetan Buddhist or Bonpo Shaman. Perfect for your home shrine! It measures 10 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter at the widest part.


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