Small 6″ Tibetan Buddhist Bell, Dorje Mallet Set Sacred Ritual Dharma Item



The Bell & Dorje are two ritual items key to Tibetan empowerment. practices. The bell represents female energy (prajna or wisdom). It is held in the left hand and the Dorje (Vajra) in the right. The Dorje (Vajra in Tibetan) is describe as the Thunderbolt or Diamond used to cut through ignorance. It emanates male energy. Together they bring forth enlightenment. This set is extra nice because it has a playing mallet. You can rim this mallet around the edge of the bell to create a different type of meditative sound.

In Shamanism the bell is used to call deities. In Buddhism it is an offering to the Buddha. You can also play a bell around the rim with a singing bowl stick for meditation & rituals. Bells and dorjes are great ritual objects to invoke empowerment. Medium Bell & Dorje comes with 4 spoke handle and dorje. It measures 6″ tall and 3″ in diameter at the base


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Weight 9 lbs