Small 1.5″ Detailed Tibetan Earth Touching Buddha Deity Golden Statue #114


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Small 1.5″ Earth Touching Brass Buddha Deity Statues #114

Here we have a very detailed Brass Buddhas. This is known as the Earth Touching or Earth Witness Buddha. “Gesture of Witness” (bhumisparsha) This gesture is also called “touching the earth” mudra or “calling the earth to witness” mudra. The right arm hangs down over the right knee. The hand with the palm turned inward and all the fingers extended downward with the finger touching the lotus throne. The left hand lies on the lap with palm upward. This gesture symbolizes Shakyamunis victory over Mara. The Dhyani Buddha Akshobhya shows the same Mudra. Statue measures 1.5″ tall. Enjoy the blessings of Earth Touching Buddha.